Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Amazing Dubai Aquarium and underwater Zoo

Want to explore one of the most stunning and enormous aquarium in the world? Grab your Dubai visa and head for Dubai mall.

The 10 million liters water tank that houses 33,000 marine animals including world’s largest collection of sand sharks at Dubai aquariumis an amazing tourist attraction.The aquarium is the must visit place for families with children as it not only is a source of entertainment to them but also an enhancement to improve their knowledge about marine life.

The aquarium is the home to approximately 300 aquatic species.

The 48- meter walk through tunnel, enveloped with the aquarium from overhead and around offers a view of 270 degrees. It is one of the largest aquarium window located within Dubai mall that holds many visitors from all over the world. A journey to Dubai without a 2 hour visit to this amazing aquatic inhabitant is no –good.

The complete fish eye view offers the opportunity to interact with rays, king croc and sand tiger sharks, the aquarium’s most eminent residents.

The aquarium also provides an excellent opportunity to get wet in the snorkeling cage, have a mermaid makeover, go on a glass-bottom boat ride and enjoy water based recreational activities. For adventurous ones, a shark dive is a once in a lifetime opportunity bringing you within inches to diversity of sharks and rays.
The mall also houses fascinating Underwater Zoo acquainting the visitors with three major ecological zones: Living Ocean, Rain forest and Rocky shore.

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