Tuesday, May 22, 2018


The hotel stands tall at over a thousand feet and this towering structure is located on an artificial island in Dubai. The shape of this hotel is similar to that of a ship's sail and it has a height of over three hundred metres. More than one third of the space cannot be occupied and the hotel has more than twenty five double story floors with over two hundred suites. The top floors of this great hotel provide stunning views of the clear blue skyline of Dubai and its other attractions. The largest room in this hotel extends to over 700 square metres and there is also a helipad in this beautiful building.

This luxury hotel is reputed to one among the best in the world and all reasonable requests and wishes of the tourists are catered to by the competent hotel staff. Every person should get a visa to Dubai and experience at least an overnight stay in this hotel as the experience is offers is unmatched. Another best feature about this hotel is that it has access to a private beach and also has many indoor and outdoor swimming pools situated within its boundaries.

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