Sunday, April 15, 2018


Deira: A person who loves shopping would find his paradise here. This place lies on the banks of the Dubai Creek and is famous for the old fashioned souks and bazaars it houses. Deira Gold souk is a world famous bazaar in the world with over three hundred retailers who deal with the metal of gold. There is also the Deira spice souk that is extremely famous for all the spices it trades in and frankincense, rose water, incense etc. are few other popular things this souk is most famous for.

Jumeirah Beach:
This is pure heaven for those who love the water side. There are plenty of hotels near the shore length and are very popular among the millions of tourists who visit this place every year. There are also a lot of restaurants and eateries and the sandy white beaches along with the clear blue water make a very lovely sight that can never be forgotten.

Dubai Aquarium:
Tourists who visit this place come back with tales of their experience in this huge aquarium. There is also an underwater tunnel where sharks and other aquatic animals can be seen in all their primitive glory and the place provides the closest connect to nature. Snorkelling and diving are a few other recreations that are also offered here.

Dubai Museum:
This great Museum was initially built as a means of protection to the Dubai Creek but was later on converted to a Museum. There are ancient artefacts and Emirati musical instruments still housed there. The place also served as the home to the then Ruling family for quite some time before its conversion.

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