Thursday, February 15, 2018

Five Major Attractions Of Dubai Which Make Dubai An Irresistible Holiday Destination

Dubai is one of the most famous holiday destinations all around the globe. The country has the best of beaches, holiday resorts, shopping malls, hotel accommodations which will make you fall in love with the entire holiday trip. If you are really looking forward to a holiday trip then it is worth applying for a Dubai visa and set out for a memorable trip to Dubai. This Emirate has a wonderful balance of old and new which is solely enough to draw your attention to Dubai. Here is a list of the best things in Dubai you should defiantly try when you visit it –

1. The BurjKhalifa – No matter how much you have heard about this world famous monument, it is not enough until you actually witness it and admire its height on your own. It has the highest observation deck in the world which leaves the visitors with a breath taking view of this Emirate and the desert.

2. Dubai underwater aquarium and zoo – Being the largest indoor aquarium in the world, the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo situated at the Dubai mall is a one of its kind experience. Here you can go for a close view of the marine species through underwater diving, glass bottom boat riding and obtain some interesting details about these aquatic animals. 

3. The Dubai Creek – There is nothing like a ride on these old roofed boats in Dubai at the Dubai Creek. This ride is one of the preserved experiences of the old Dubai. You can set out for an evening ride with just one dirham and enjoy the evening pass by with the prayers sung at the nearby Mosque.

4. The Burj Al Arab – The Burjcalls itself to be the only 7-star hotel in the world. Well, to believe this statement you will actually have to visit this sail-shaped hotel and witness their hospitality and luxuries on your own. However, the people who have already visited this place would agree that the Burj is a clear resemblance of luxury merged with style.

5. Desert Safari – Although being situated in the desert, there is no sand or sand dunes all over the city of Dubai. The desert safari is the best way to get a complete desert experience in Dubai. If you seek for some more adventure then the desert camping after the desert safari is another great option to go for. You can spend the night in open under the stars which will be simply an amazing experience.

Although the list of Dubai attractions is endless to explore them you will have to apply to get your visa for Dubai and draft a travel itinerary to get the most out of this trip. If are unsure about the Dubai visa application process then you can simply hire a Dubai visa service provider online. Such guys are highly trained professionals who know how the procedure has to be carried out and always prove to be a great source of assistance.