Monday, February 12, 2018


Aida is for a person who loves the Opera. Giuseppe Verdi and Antonio Ghislanzoni are the two minds behind this spectacle. This event is something like a tradition that is held frequently and it was started as early as the year 1871. Aida, the princess and main character of the play has a beautiful soprano and people who do not have much knowledge about the Opera or the effort it takes to hold one or the power behind the soprano etc. may attend this event. Also, the event is sure to delight all its spectators by exhibiting the best of voices and an evening filled with entertainment.

The Opera is essentially a story of love between a princess from Ethiopia and an Egyptian Commander Radames. Their struggle and the outcome of this love story would keep people hooked till the end. The added spice of the Pharaoh’s daughter being in love with Radames is another twist that many do not see coming and the entire Opera is beautifully conducted.

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Dates: from February 14th to February 17th, 2018.