Friday, December 22, 2017

Zabeel Park, Dubai

If you want to see the first ever technology-driven park in the Gulf region, then visit the park which is almost the size of 45 football parks and has not just the recreational facilities but also children’s amusement compound and edutainment centre. Located in the Zabeel district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Zabeel Park is one of the largest parks in Dubai.  Featuring over 3000 palm trees and 7000 other trees of around 14 species, this park is amazing and attracts visitor from across the world. Zabeel Park is divided into various sections which are all connected to each other via pedestrian bridges.
This beautifully landscaped area of the park is indeed very popular among children and families for a great evening. Although the park opens at 4 pm but the best time to visit the park is after 5 pm. The Dubai Garden Glow is a beautiful attraction of the Zabeel Park which features trees, animals and various structures inspired by various attractions from across the globe glowing with lights and colours at the late evenings and night.

There are a wide range of facilities available in the park which makes it that popular not just among st families but also the fitness enthusiasts. For the fitness freaks, there is a jogging track of around 4.3 kilometers, pedestrian tracks, a fitness center and even a BMX Track. For the kids there is a skateboarding park, picnic areas, a boating lake, ice skating, play areas, a mini cricket – pitch and various monuments too! There is a barbecue or covered cooking area and kiosks as well for refreshments. Apart from these exciting facilities, there are water fountains, three zones i.e. The Alternative Energy Zone, Communication Zone and Techno Zone having educational and interactive exhibits for the children, 3D cinema for educational purpose etc.

This lush green park and the well-manicured gardens make Zabeel Park, a perfect place to relax. If you want to have a leisure time observing the beauty of the park with your kids, you can enjoy boating and there are row, pedal and motor boats to choose from. If you love to ride bikes, you can hire bikes and enjoy cycling with your family at the park. Not just this, if you don’t feel like walking from one section to other section of the Zabeel Park, you can take up the ride of Tourist Train but with a fee or charge.
Don’t get surprised, this garden uses environment friendly and recyclable items such as the plastic bottles, glasses and porcelain cups, plastic items and the colorful bulbs which are based on lower electricity consumption. The idea behind this is to educate the people regarding preserving the Earth and reducing the carbon foot prints. You can also enjoy live music and other performances in the garden from different artists and performers.  The admission fee to the park is minimal at AED 5 and AED 40 for hiring boats. This garden is indeed beautiful and for a relaxing evening in Dubai, this is a perfect place to be with your family.

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