Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Green Planet Dubai

Can you imagine a tropical rainforest that too in a desert like Dubai? Well, Dubai has its own rainforest now with over 3000 species of animals, plants and free-flying birds. The Green Planet Dubai is open to public and is indeed astounding.  So, if you have a curious mind and wish to explore the unique world and wonders of rainforests, then Green Planet Dubai is a place for you, during your Dubai Holiday. This Green Planet designed in the form of enclosed ecosystem is a bio-dome of 900-square metre boasting an enchanting world of living beings in the tropical forest and a centrepiece in the form of largest man-made indoor tree that is life-sustaining and stands at 25 meters. 

You will marvel at the sight of the birds and other creatures flying and roaming freely around you. The lush and natural world around is an immersive experience at the Green Planet Dubai and would leave you in complete awe. This vertical rainforest maintains the temperature and dampness of the facility exactly similar to a real rainforest so that visitors have the similar experience of the ecosystem. This facility was developed with the help of leading zoologists, scientists and architects across the globe as an educational and recreational resource for the people of all the ages and varied interests. Located at the City Walk in Jumeirah, this ecosystem gives you the glimpse of how the different life-forms co-exist and how the ecological balance is maintained. You can even have the chance to feed and pet the animals and birds out here but under the supervision of the staff at the Green Planet Dubai. This facility was created with an aim to educate children and families regarding the ecosystem and how they should be preserved along with life forms.

There are four levels in the facility which can be explored by the people through a spiral walkway built around the central giant tree. The topmost level i.e. Canopy gives the panoramic view of the vertical facility and is the roof of this tropical rainforest absorbing most of the sunlight. Next is the midstory, where the trees have large leaves to absorb the light filtered by the canopy. After this, is the forest area receiving barely any light and very humid and dark. At the lowest level of the facility is the Flooded Rainforest which provides appropriate conditions to all living beings in order to survive. You will find many turtles, arapaima, stingrays and many other aquatic species swimming in the aquarium here. 

From colourful parrots perching on the branches of the trees to butterflies hovering and resting on your hands, this rainforest is an amazing world with so many exotic birds, porcupines, sloths, snakes, bees, turtles, crocodile lizards, insects etc. The rainforest is absolutely safe for even small kids to visit and you will find staff at every level, providing you information regarding different species of flora and fauna. The tickets to Green Planet Dubai cost AED 95 for adults and AED 70 for children aged from 3 to 12 years. It is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm and is indeed a marvellous experience for people from different walks of life. 

So, make sure you drop by at Green Planet Dubai during your Dubai Holiday and make it one of your memorable trips to the city. For Dubai Holiday Visa or Express Dubai Visa, avail Dubai Visa Service on the payment of Dubai Visa Fees and get your Visa without any delay to the City of Gold.