Friday, April 1, 2016


Dubai is a city located in UAE and is known for its luxurious people, buildings, architecture, and night life scenes. Dubai is UAE’s vacation hot spot. There are a lot of people who visit Dubai on their vacations, with the help of a Dubai Visit Visa. Dubai has different visas for the applicants who visit Dubai on tourism. Such as:

  • Tourist Visa For 14 Days. 
  • Tourist Visa For 30 Days.
  •  Tourist Visa For Next 60 days. 
  •  90 days tourist visa.

    Applying for Tourist Visas To The UAE is easy as the embassies of Dubai are worldwide. If you do not have an embassy nearby, then applying for a Dubai visa online is the best option. The fees for Dubai visa online are as follows: 
  • 14 days tourist visa- 7,500 INR. 
  • 30 Days Tourist Visa- 12.500 INR.

    Visa online fees includes: Visa Dubai Online Application Form fees, OK board fees, online charges and all taxes.

    *Note: The price mentioned above is for Indian citizens only. The price may vary from each country.

    Mandatory documents required to apply Dubai visa
  • Passport bio data page. The copy should be in a colour page. Black and white copy will not be accepted.
  • Photograph. The applicant should submit 2 clear colour photographs. 
  • ID  proof of residence. 
  • Additional documents for the countries with high risks.
  • A valid visa to prove last cost to any of the following countries in the last five years: UAE, UK, USA, Schengen countries, Australia, New Zealand. If that’s not possible then the applicant should submit documents which shows he or she has an investment of US 8000 or more/ the local income tax papers which show you have an annual income of US 8000 or more.
  •  Applicants are also welcome to submit any other documents in addition to the above if they feel the same will strengthen the case.

    Here are some reasons on why your visa might be delayed or rejected: 
  • Visas of the applicants with criminal records in UAE or India many get rejected. 
  • If the scanned copies if your passport is blur then the UAE immigration may reject or delay your process.
  • A female below the age of 24 and travelling alone, then there are chances of delay or rejection under suspicious of human trafficking.
  • Dubai visa application many get rejected if your passport holders unskilled profession like farmer or labourer.
  • If the visa application has any types of errors in name,  passport number, profession code, date of birth, passport insurance and expiry, then the application many get delayed or rejected.