Thursday, December 10, 2015

Make your Dubai visit an absolute delight!

If you already have a Dubai visa in your hand and you are planning to enjoy your holidays there but at the same time you also want to know about the yummy food and cuisines there, so that you can enjoy the delicious food for which Dubai is famous for, then welcome!!!! You have come to the most perfect spot.
In this article, you will know about some of the most delicious cuisines and other popular foods of Dubai.
We will start from Al-hares, the most exotic and traditional cuisine of Dubai. It is made of wheat and meat. And although the ingredients used in AL-harees is only few, but it involves a longer duration of cooking. And the taste is just delicious.

Another particular dish in Dubai, the hummus, is also very popular for its unique flavor. It is not a dish, but actually a dip or a sauce like thing, but the yummy taste has made it so popular that it is now considered as one of the traditional dishes of Dubai. You will definitely love it.

Shawarma is another remarkable dish in is now very famous in Asian countries as well, but it is originated from Dubai. So, don't you think it a must that you must try that dish there?

Then comes one of the dish known as stuffed camel. It has appeared on Guinness book records for one of the mightiest dish ever made. It comprises of lamb, chicken, whole camel, fish, eggs and rice.
Many more exotic dishes are there which you must definitely try like the al-machboos, falafel, ghuzi, Arabic bread and tabouli which you are going to love.

If you are an awesome foodie, you must be tempted to try these cuisines by now. Don't have a visa for Dubai? Getting this is really simple. You can also apply Dubai visa online which is quite easy nowadays.