Sunday, August 9, 2015

Visa for Singapore

ICA Is the authority who deals with the visa and Immigration related issues of any visitor who wants to visit the country. The visitor first need to confirm the purpose of visit and then apply for the visa as the documentation might vary for different visa application from different countries.

 Application process of Visa for Singapore.

Like every other country to visit Singapore as well one requires the Visa for Singapore. Before applying one should be aware of the fact that for which purpose they want to visit the country.


The visa related affairs are taken care of by the Immigration and Checklist Authority (ICA) of Singapore.
There are certain guidelines issued by ICA according to which the specifications will vary for different visa offered.

Common Documentations:

-          Passport with validity of 6 months minimum.
-          2 recent passport sized photographs.
-          Details of the inward and outward journey.
-          Details of accommodation.

Types of Visa:

Depending upon the purpose of visit the type of visa application and its requirements for documentation also varies. The different type of visa offered is:

-          Tourist Visa: The visa which is issued to the visitor who want to visit for the purpose of tourism or their personal affairs.
-          a) Details of accommodation is not required in this case.
-          b) Contact details and the residential status of the host.
-          c) Letter of invitation.

-          Business Visa: The visa issued to the person for the purpose of their official purpose or work related purpose.
a)    Letter of invitation by the company.
b)    3 months bank statement

-          Transit Visa: The visa is issued to the person who has their ongoing journey to the other destinations further.
a) The details of forward journey and relevant proof.

-          Employment Visa: the visa issued to the person, professionals and businessmen who want to work in the country.
a)    The contract of employed signed between the employer and the employee.
b)    The details of return journey are not required in such case.

-          Student Visa: The visa is issued to the people who want to pursue their higher studies from Singapore.
-          A) The admission letter from the institute
-          B) The details of the student accommodation and financial support.

General conditions:

-          The visitors shall give the declaration that they will not get involved in any of the media related issues while stay.
-          The visitors on the tourist visa shall not be involved in any kind of services or business related activities during there stay.
-          There should not be any involvement in illegal activity, if found then there might be certain consequences which they had to face.

-          There is a certain security deposit which will be refunded to the applicant once the journey is over and there are no legal prosecutions imposed on the visitors.