Thursday, December 10, 2015

Make your Dubai visit an absolute delight!

If you already have a Dubai visa in your hand and you are planning to enjoy your holidays there but at the same time you also want to know about the yummy food and cuisines there, so that you can enjoy the delicious food for which Dubai is famous for, then welcome!!!! You have come to the most perfect spot.
In this article, you will know about some of the most delicious cuisines and other popular foods of Dubai.
We will start from Al-hares, the most exotic and traditional cuisine of Dubai. It is made of wheat and meat. And although the ingredients used in AL-harees is only few, but it involves a longer duration of cooking. And the taste is just delicious.

Another particular dish in Dubai, the hummus, is also very popular for its unique flavor. It is not a dish, but actually a dip or a sauce like thing, but the yummy taste has made it so popular that it is now considered as one of the traditional dishes of Dubai. You will definitely love it.

Shawarma is another remarkable dish in is now very famous in Asian countries as well, but it is originated from Dubai. So, don't you think it a must that you must try that dish there?

Then comes one of the dish known as stuffed camel. It has appeared on Guinness book records for one of the mightiest dish ever made. It comprises of lamb, chicken, whole camel, fish, eggs and rice.
Many more exotic dishes are there which you must definitely try like the al-machboos, falafel, ghuzi, Arabic bread and tabouli which you are going to love.

If you are an awesome foodie, you must be tempted to try these cuisines by now. Don't have a visa for Dubai? Getting this is really simple. You can also apply Dubai visa online which is quite easy nowadays.

Monday, August 10, 2015

China is an increasingly attractive destination for a dream vacation

The beautiful landscape, the history of several thousand years and the brilliant Chinese civilization, these are reasons why to visit the country, which must be added the many ethnic groups that make up the population and provide local color.

Currently, China offers two tours: a traditional circuit S-shaped connecting cities famous historical, political and cultural are Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Suzhou and Hang Zhou, and a crescent-shaped circuit that puts emphasis on open areas of the coast as the Lauding Peninsula and Shandong, the deltas of the Yangtze and Zhujiang.

The first circuit takes to visit the Badaling Great Wall, the Imperial Palace and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Army Museum of warriors and horses in terracotta tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang of the Forest steles and the Pagoda of the Great wild Goose in Xian, the Bund, Naming Road and Pudding New Area in Shanghai, Suzhou gardens and landscapes of the West Lake in Hang Zhou.

The second circuit permit you to see great changes in open areas of the coast since the reform and opening up, to admire the coastal landscapes of North and South, to enjoy the sea, the beach and the sun and stay in a holiday village, attending gyms and bars outside the purely tourist activities.

Dozens of festivals, including snow, lanterns, the culture of the ancient city of Pingyao and nine routes on the Changing, the Haunches, through the Three Gorges of the Yangtze have been proposed in order to satisfy more tourists. Traditional dance, opera and folklore of ethnic minorities are part of tourism resources in China. Many tourists are attracted by the charm of folk arts like Peking Opera and traditional comic duos, and customs of various ethnic minorities such as the Water Festival of Dai, the Feast of Torches Yi, the Day 3 March Bai, songs of the Festival and the Festival of Zhuang 

Adam Mongols.

Otherwise the Chinese food, it is known in the whole world. The famous Beijing Roast Duck, Mongolian the pot, the roast suckling pig Guangdong fish from West Lake vinegar, spicy Sichuan tofu and various regional dishes are just a few examples of the diversity of specialties Chinese.

Since the reform and opening up, China has built a large number of hotels of different levels to meet the needs of tourism. Currently, China has more than 3,000 classified hotels, the most famous 5 star hotels are the Hotel Palace, China World Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing, the Hilton Hotel, Garden Hotel, Hotel Xinjinjiang Shanghai, the White Swan Hotel, China Hotel, Hotel de l'Orient in Guangzhou, the Furama Hotel in Dalian and Shenzhen Nanhai Hotel. Hotels functional distributed in large and medium cities and tourist sites can accommodate a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Visa for Singapore

ICA Is the authority who deals with the visa and Immigration related issues of any visitor who wants to visit the country. The visitor first need to confirm the purpose of visit and then apply for the visa as the documentation might vary for different visa application from different countries.

 Application process of Visa for Singapore.

Like every other country to visit Singapore as well one requires the Visa for Singapore. Before applying one should be aware of the fact that for which purpose they want to visit the country.


The visa related affairs are taken care of by the Immigration and Checklist Authority (ICA) of Singapore.
There are certain guidelines issued by ICA according to which the specifications will vary for different visa offered.

Common Documentations:

-          Passport with validity of 6 months minimum.
-          2 recent passport sized photographs.
-          Details of the inward and outward journey.
-          Details of accommodation.

Types of Visa:

Depending upon the purpose of visit the type of visa application and its requirements for documentation also varies. The different type of visa offered is:

-          Tourist Visa: The visa which is issued to the visitor who want to visit for the purpose of tourism or their personal affairs.
-          a) Details of accommodation is not required in this case.
-          b) Contact details and the residential status of the host.
-          c) Letter of invitation.

-          Business Visa: The visa issued to the person for the purpose of their official purpose or work related purpose.
a)    Letter of invitation by the company.
b)    3 months bank statement

-          Transit Visa: The visa is issued to the person who has their ongoing journey to the other destinations further.
a) The details of forward journey and relevant proof.

-          Employment Visa: the visa issued to the person, professionals and businessmen who want to work in the country.
a)    The contract of employed signed between the employer and the employee.
b)    The details of return journey are not required in such case.

-          Student Visa: The visa is issued to the people who want to pursue their higher studies from Singapore.
-          A) The admission letter from the institute
-          B) The details of the student accommodation and financial support.

General conditions:

-          The visitors shall give the declaration that they will not get involved in any of the media related issues while stay.
-          The visitors on the tourist visa shall not be involved in any kind of services or business related activities during there stay.
-          There should not be any involvement in illegal activity, if found then there might be certain consequences which they had to face.

-          There is a certain security deposit which will be refunded to the applicant once the journey is over and there are no legal prosecutions imposed on the visitors.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Filipinos Dubai visit visa

About 22% of Filipinos in the UAE are irregular migrants or not properly documented, do not have a valid residence or work permit, or are overstaying

RESPITE. Filipino workers take a breather at a Dubai beach, with the landmark Burj Al Arab in the background. Photo by Jo Kearney

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – On its sands rests the tallest, the biggest, the grandest and the most glitzy.

Its man-made wonders, and the icons of the city itself, are deliberately constructed for vagaries to be enjoyed in excess, never in moderation. There is the polished corporate power of the Burj Khalifa, the consumerist Dubai Mall, and the flagrantly indulgent Palm Jumeirah. Its evening sky is made brighter with lights from the towers that zigzag across the skyline.

This is Dubai, the Las Vegas of the Middle East sans the alcohol (but only if you don’t know where to look, residents will say), the showgirls and the gambling.

Dubai may not have oil, but its buildings, malls, and villas ensconced in gated communities for expats lure visitors with something else: employment opportunity.

On holiday?

Don’t be surprised if upon your arrival, you are asked, “Are you here on holiday or in search for greater opportunity?” It is a question that will help the one asking point you to the right direction: either to tourist sites or to prospective employers.

To gain entry to Dubai, a Filipino must secure a visa. There are many types of visas, the most ubiquitous and multi-purpose being the “visit visa” which must be sponsored by a relative or spouse or company (for business trips) or airline.

“There are many types of visas to enter Dubai as a tourist, but none of them will allow you to work,” explained Michael Barney Almazar, a partner at Gulf Law, a Dubai-based law firm that specializes in assisting Filipinos.

But it does not stop visitors from making the most out of their 30 or 90-day visit visa to look for an employer willing to hire them and sponsor their work visa.

It is a race against time but a trip to the nearby resort island of Kish, Iran with your passport stamped to show an exit out of Dubai will quickly reset the clock.

Monday, April 20, 2015

How to Obtain a Visa for Admittance to the United Arab Emirates

To gain access into the United Arab Emirates you must have either a sponsor living in the region already or an employer who is prepared to apply for your admittance into the country for employment purposes. There are a number of different Visas available and the one you will need will only be ascertained when a number of factors are taken into account such as are you coming to work or for a holiday? What is your country of origin?
For those who you are already living and have official citizen status within a recognized Gulf Cooperative Council country then they don’t actually need to apply for a visa for the UAE instead all you need to do is produce your Gulf Cooperation Council country passport when you arrive in the UAE.
Others can receive their VISA at their airport of entry when they arrive these individuals include:
  • Arab Gulf Countries Council citizens who do not belong to the Gulf Cooperative Council but are on a list of professional occupations which include  CEO’s of businesses, people with legitimate business reasons for entering the country and other professionals such as doctors, auditors, accountants, engineers or public sector employees. Family members of applicants or their staff can also gain entry. These sectors will be allowed a thirty day visa.
  • Citizens of approved countries: There are a certain number of countries who are on an approved list who are entitled to a free single visit visa, these countries are listed below but it is always imperative to note that the countries listed often changes and you really need to verify this with a UAE embassy official or your airline before deciding to travel. The United Kingdom and the European Union countries America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japanese citizens and many other countries which can be found listed by Immigration Services within the UAE or from The Naturalisation and Residency Administration of the Ministry of the Interior for the region of Dubai.
  • When you cannot be deemed to qualify through any of the above options you must then apply for a visa through a sponsor before gaining access to the country. It is the sponsor’s responsibility to sort out all the paperwork for you and the following is a list of those eligible to be a sponsor:
  • Those within the Hotel and Tourist Industry: can apply for a 30 day Tourist Visa or a  14 day Service Visa or a  30 day Visit Visa which has the option of being extended for a further 30 days.
  • Airlines can apply for a VISA for airline staff which is a four day Transit Visa.
  • Other sectors within the UAE can only seek to obtain Visit Visa’s and Service Visas but not Tourist Visas.
  • A relative or friend already living in the region can subject to certain rules, apply for a Visa on your behalf.
There are certain countries that are not entitled to the 96 hours visa and these at present include Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Niger and Yemen.
Again it is always best to study the current rules and regulations before considering a visit to the UAE for whatever reason you can always find up to date information from Immigration Services within the UAE or from The Naturalisation and Residency Administration of the Ministry of the Interior for the region of Dubai.
Also always verify what is required with your airline when planning your visit to the UAE before leaving your country of origin.
To avoid future disappointments it is always better to apply for an employment visa before you enter the UAE. The process of getting a visa is straight forward and is managed by an employer.
Employment Visa/ Permit is granted for 30 days. After you have a job offer, according to the regulations, the company should take care of all formal procedures. The rule is that you cannot leave the company that sponsored you without their permission.
Before the initial period of 30 days expires you will need to obtain a residence visa without which you won’t even be able to open a bank account or get your telephone connection. You will also have to take a medical test and have a Health Card ready before you apply for a residence visa. Residence visa is usually valid for 3 years.
If you are thinking to bring your family with you it is possible to do and there are options for sponsoring dependants. Your prospective employer should be able to explain all available options to you.
Please, note that although we are trying to update this information as fast as possible it is always advisable to check latest changes at the Visa Section of the UAE Embassy of the country where you currently reside.