Thursday, October 2, 2014

Unforgettable experience in the Dubai’s Desert Safari

Enjoy the best desert safari in Dubai 4x4. In this tour you will travel through the deserts of Dubai, practice sand boarding,ride a camel and a make a henna tattoo. Also, you will enjoy performances of traditional dances and belly dancing while you are enjoying a delicious dinner under the stars Arabs. Choose the top option to include a quad tour through the dunes of sand to make the most of this exciting wilderness experience. 

Your first stop is a traditional camel farm where you will learn how camels, big and small, living in the desert. Then, take a camel ride. Camels are friendly and lovely animals. Farmers will teach you the techniques of the locals to climb easily to the camel. 

Back to 4x4, continue the journey through the desert of Dubai and get ready for the next adrenaline-fueled experience "sand boarding". Demonstrate your balance while master the art of "surfing on the sand" and compete with your friends and family on sand dunes. 

In the evening you can get a henna tattoo on your hands or feet and then see a beautiful representation of traditional dance Tanoura. After, enjoy a delicious dinner while the sun sets over the Dubai’s desert and appreciate the belly dance show live around the campfire while smoking a shisha (Arabic water pipe) if desired. To finish this exciting day, relax under a canopy of twinkling stars. The tour lasts about six hours and is offered by several tour operators that can be contact in hotels an dafter traveling about 70km into the desert.
Tip: if you are afraid of strong emotions or get bored easily might be better to skip rally sands. There are lots of uphill, downhill, sweeping curves and the car shakes a lot. Because of this, drink water and eat light food before the ride.