Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Opportunity properties in Dubai

Dubai is an exclusive destination with unlimited sales chances. There are a lot of investors who are looking for a good opportunity.   Dubai, called the "City of the Future" and "City of Gold" with amazing buildings and remains, it’s the best choice for luxury and business travel.
The huge and treat development of innovative and extravagance buildings continuance number of gorgeous residential properties around the area. 
Buying Dubai estate knowing your favorites and what you need, along with having the correct agents, it will be easy to get an amazing property.If you need an instant return of asset in terms of lease or resale, the location house will contribute for your investment. Some developers are vending their traditional properties to the clients. There are enormous souks for Dubai; it is very useful, helpful and suitable for developers or owners and purchasers to commission the facilities of agents. The agents make the best contracts and safeguard smooth deal for both the vendor and the buyer.

Expert and focused real estate agents bring the full potential of real estate. Being trained and well-informed in all features of each property they lead with clients into buying the property. They can deliver the best client and instruction each property's suitability. Agents are also insistent in terms of commercial, using all known media forums and all local and international knowledge. Besides keeping you always updated on your transactions, they also give you complete advice on prevailing bazaar prices and conditions. Overall, they are supporting you any method they can.

UAE groups are well recognized and active internet researcher, every commerce trust on internet for their branding marketing and publicity.Expert agents should want to increase their business and increase targeted rentals and buyers using digital strategies which will help then to seize new opportunities.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Discovery the magic of Belgium

Belgium has the charm of the Netherlands, the magnificence of Germany, the glamor of France and
the artistic quality of Italy. This is the perfect landscape who wants to see Europe, for that you need a

Belgium is divided into three different parts. In the north are the most famous destinations. It is that
in Flanders, the Venice of the North, with canals, medieval squares, the Church of the Holy Blood and
beautiful museums like the Groeninge. In Antwerp, where locals also speak Flemish, is the birthplace of

Rubens, the greatest Belgian artist of the 17th century, and diamond district.In the north are Ghent and Ostend Beach. In Wallonia, the French-speaking, is the best place to knowthe beauty of Namur. But Brussels is the capital that keeps the best of both sides. There is one of themost charming squares in Europe, Grand Place, and two sights that define the eccentricity of the Belgiancapital: the Atomium and Manneken Pis, the statue of the little boy peeing. The country is also knownfor the quality of their comics, having the character Tintin, Hergé, as its major symbol.

Air - The country is easily accessible via companies like KLM, Alitalia, British Airways, Air France, Iberia,
Lufthansa and TAP. Low-cost airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair also offer good options to Brussels.
Rail - Among the alternatives are the Eurostar railway and the Dutch lines of NS.Belgium has a good network of buses and trains linking the major tourist cities. The NMBS / SNCBoperates rail services, while local companies, notably Kusttram , De Lijn and Tec cover the road, intercityand urban lines. Travelling by train is a little more convenient, with more frequent departures and faster services. Cycling is a good option for those traveling within cities or in cycling tours for tourists.

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Expo 2020 Dubai and the development strategy of the UAE

Dubai's bid is not only part of the Emirate's strategy to continue reinforcing its position as a world hub, it is also the occasion to show the world that Dubai and the UAE are shifting from "hard" to "soft" projects. As HE Sheikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al Qasimi - UAE Minister of development and International Cooperation- said during the Dubai 2020 symposium "the UAE is going from oil infrastructures to education and innovation projects and Dubai is shifting from a crossroads city to a multinational entity".

Mobility, sustainability and opportunity, the three sub themes the Dubai 2020 bid has chosen to articulate the discussion on partnerships, are the expression of Dubai's long-term strategy. Each sub theme is a pillar of the future development of Dubai and projects in all three fields are in motion.
It is easy to link mobility to Dubai. 57 million passengers have gone through Dubai International airport in 2012. The port of Jebel Ali is the first port in the Middle East and the largest container port between Rotterdam and Singapore. And more projects are underway. Dubai is currently building the International Al Maktoum Airport near the port. Once completed, it will be able to handle 160 million passengers. Dubai's solid connection to the rest of the world allows Expo organizers to predict that 70% of expo visitors would be foreigners.
"Sustainability is part of the strategic vision for the future of Dubai" announced HE Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Culture, during the symposium. With its 365 days of sun, Dubai sees great potential in the development of solar energy that could account for 50% of the Expo site's energy needs. The project that best illustrates Dubai's ambition in green energies is Masdar city, developed by the Masdar program launched in 2006 that develops green projects all over the world. Masdar city is the world's first sustainable site. Located 17 km away from Abu Dhabi it should ultimately welcome 40 000 inhabitants.

The third sub-theme, "Opportunity", is key to embrace the world of tomorrow. For Expo organizers, it means identifying new economic models that come from innovation. Dubai has allowed foreign investors in fields such as finance, services, transportation but also digital technologies and media to settle in Dubai thus creating innovation clusters.

The design of the Expo site is based on these three sub themes. Located near Al Maktoum airport and halfway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the site would be easily accessible from many transportation points in the UAE. The site itself would be divided in three areas dedicated to each sub theme. These thematic zones would lead up to Al Wasl,the main plaza. Countries would be able to set up their pavilion in the area that corresponds best to their development strategy. The project for the main structures of the site is inspired by souks: a shading structure protects visitors from the heat and direct sunlight, mixing innovation and oriental tradition. Sustainability is at the heart of the project, in terms of energy, but also in terms of infrastructure re-use. The project is based on modular design: an important part of the Expo will be dismantled and rebuilt to create appropriate infrastructures for the development of the region: a convention center that will become the Dubai Trade Center (project already underway), an Expo museum, a university but also apartment buildings and hotels.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Unforgettable experience in the Dubai’s Desert Safari

Enjoy the best desert safari in Dubai 4x4. In this tour you will travel through the deserts of Dubai, practice sand boarding,ride a camel and a make a henna tattoo. Also, you will enjoy performances of traditional dances and belly dancing while you are enjoying a delicious dinner under the stars Arabs. Choose the top option to include a quad tour through the dunes of sand to make the most of this exciting wilderness experience. 

Your first stop is a traditional camel farm where you will learn how camels, big and small, living in the desert. Then, take a camel ride. Camels are friendly and lovely animals. Farmers will teach you the techniques of the locals to climb easily to the camel. 

Back to 4x4, continue the journey through the desert of Dubai and get ready for the next adrenaline-fueled experience "sand boarding". Demonstrate your balance while master the art of "surfing on the sand" and compete with your friends and family on sand dunes. 

In the evening you can get a henna tattoo on your hands or feet and then see a beautiful representation of traditional dance Tanoura. After, enjoy a delicious dinner while the sun sets over the Dubai’s desert and appreciate the belly dance show live around the campfire while smoking a shisha (Arabic water pipe) if desired. To finish this exciting day, relax under a canopy of twinkling stars. The tour lasts about six hours and is offered by several tour operators that can be contact in hotels an dafter traveling about 70km into the desert.
Tip: if you are afraid of strong emotions or get bored easily might be better to skip rally sands. There are lots of uphill, downhill, sweeping curves and the car shakes a lot. Because of this, drink water and eat light food before the ride.