Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Step By Step Guide For Dubai Visa

While visiting Dubai you need to have DUBAI VISA as this is the only legal way to travel and enjoy the spectacular things this city of EMIRATES has to offer. You can also visit world’s tallest building and can enjoy sky diving from there.

Although UAE is an emerging economy and everything is all about OIL but DUBAI is totally different from all the other Emirates Cities. Its economy is depends upon Tourism. Dubai stands tall in Tourism Industry. People around the world love to visit this amazing city of unbelievable entertainment. Dubai Tourist visa is all it’s needed for a traveler to visit this amazing UAE city.

People around the world keeping coming to DUBAI for all kind of different purpose. Some visit with their family and some with their friends. There are number of visitors coming solo also to visit city of entertainment. People who are single and have no relation or Known in Dubai face a heck of trouble while applying for Dubai Visa. As UAE do not issue visa to travelers visiting directly to embassy. There is all-together different steps which a tourist need to follow in order to get a DUBAI Visa which is the only a legal way to enjoy most beautiful DUBAI.

Below are the steps you need to follow in Order to safeguard your DUBAI VISA. 
  1. You need to do find a good service provider in your area.
  2. Once you finalize the Service provider you need to check with them what type of visa you require by telling them your purpose of your visit.
  3. Next you need to get the list of documents which are required you to arrange and provide to service provider in order to apply for Visa.
  4. Once you have all the documents hand it over to the service provider. You can also ask your service provider which extra documents are require which can speed up your visa process. 
Mandatory Documents which are required. 
  1. Passport: Send your Passport’s Detail page and Family Detail Page Scanned.
  2. Photograph: A passport sized photograph size is 2 x 2 Inch. Make sure the background of the picture is white and photograph should be colored. 
  3.  Any Sponsorship letter if available with you.(Optional) 
  4.  Flight tickets. (Optional).
In case you are frequent traveler than you can present following documents in order to process visa more quickly and make sure you have less chance of rejection:
  1. Provide the scan copy of entry and Exit stamp of visited countries like USA,UK in past 6 months.
  2. If in case you have previously applied for the DUBAI VISA you can send the entry and exit stamp of it scanned.
Once you had submitted all your documents you will get the visa within 3-4 working days without leaving your comfort of your home. On your email. You can than take the printout of it and use it while traveling to DUBAI. Visit Here : http://www.dubai-visa.org/visa-requirements.php