Monday, February 4, 2013

Let’s find out - Is Dubai really very costly?

Dubai is a shopping paradise for great shopping freaks of the world. All dreams come true in Dubai and they feel great of being here after touching Dubai land. Tourists find all luxury items and facilities in place to enjoy their dream holidays. 7 start hotel, exceptionally beautiful manmade beaches, Shopping malls, resorts, intercontinental cuisine chains, world record holder wonders, world tallest tower Burj Khalifa etc.

And all these luxurious and lucrative things come with a price and that very moment Dubai is considered twenty expensive places of the world. People come here for leisure and looking for job opportunities because Dubai offers tax free salaries and other benefits those are providing in addition to the jobs like company provided free housing, medical insurance, travel allowance, and paid holidays for 1 months during the year. Salaries structure is also very good as to maintain the living standard in Dubai. Hotels in Bur Dubai are inexpensive then those which are situated at the main roads of Dubai. Like ABC Aarbian suit which offers AED 262 per night per room, similarly$129 is offered by Al Manzel hotel for per person per night.

Some of the Dubai holidays package offer inexpensive sightseeing, like Dune safari, dinner on cruise at creek. Public beaches are also a good idea to visit. Apart from that you can save your money to enjoy more holidays in Dubai through some cheap flight tickets with hotel stay offers online at the same time which are around $300-$400, which enables you to save approximately 30-40% cost on travel.

This is all depends upon your priority and well planning that how you can make your holidays planning wonderful to Dubai. Less expensive things are around and you need to pick them out like a sapper and make a complete holiday package, so that you enjoy your trip in Dubai, you can also have a great supper in just $10-$15 at some places. Thus you can save lots of money by doing the wise selection and cautious planning for Dubai tour.