Monday, February 4, 2013

Climate dancing in Dubai during a year

Climate is the only thing that affects the human lifestyle the most in any continental. Dubai also has different climatic conditions during entire year. However being a desert part it has worm weather most of the time.

Dubai is the most happening city and excitement never gets down here. This is the most adorable city in UAE which is more liberal for foreigner and has established a balanced with their lifestyle. Dubai is hot in all aspects for tourism point of view but this is worm in climate most of the time during a year. In general overview, summers are very hot here and humidity makes it intolerable sometimes.
 If you are going to visit Dubai then this is really advisable that, you should enter in Dubai in winters, which means November to March is the ideal time to enter in Dubai as tourist so that you can enjoy in door and out door activities. Dubai climate hardly changes its nature. Comparatively it has fewer shuffles the other country’s weather. Everything else likes rain. Storms, snow fall, flood, tornado are rarely in news. Hence Dubai’s land is less shacked by natural calamities. Residents here have no fear of having these calamities in their life, as the matter fact they feel more relaxed and live their life freely.  
This has been observed that between late December and mid to late March you have 29-30 degree Celsius temperatures and lower temperature for these month is around 12-13 degree Celsius.
March- to-June
This period is considered the moderate temperature months with less humidity level and you actually do not feel bed about humidity. Temperature increases by 10 degree and reach up to 35 degree. Day are long and environment get more dried. 

If you are planning to visit Dubai then you should avoid these months for traveling as the temperature in these months are at the peak level and show its talent of disturb normal human life. September is counted as the hottest month of a year. You will not find any rainfall possibilities as the climatic conditions do not support rainfall much.

Temperatures in these months gets turned and shows other part of the climate that is soothing and much better then the previous months. These days counted as better and soothing days for all kind of works. Temperature gets down day by day from35-40 degree Celsius to 12-15 degree Celsius. You can finally see the rainfall around Christmas time in December. You may see very light drizzling in November month but that is not as good as December month’s rainfall.

This information is quit useful for all those new bees, who want to explore Dubai as tourists. This will surely help you in making your trip plan more proactively and arrange your baggage accordingly.