Friday, January 4, 2013

Get the Dubai Visa

1. Travel insurance for Dubai visa 

If you are looking forward for residence visa in UAE with your spouse then you need to apply for a Dubai visa, first check out the requirements below-

Husband & Wife:
  • The wife should be working under these list of professions to sponsor her husband – teacher, Doctor, Engineer, or should have at least 3000 Dirham salary with accommodation and 4000 Dirham without accommodation facility.
  • Need to provide Marriage certificate and labor contract with residential rental contract.
  • Husband can also sponsor his wife, if husband is earning AED 10,000 and working in other profession without residence and AED 9,000 with residence.
  • If husband is sponsoring his wife then, there is no need of working or not working status of wife.

2. Instant visa service requirements:
Some time it happens that you are in a need of urgent visa, and you need a Dubai visa provider agency who can arrange Urgent Dubai visa for you in short span of time so that you will not have to cancel your flight tickets or hotel bookings you have done previously, this urgent or Express Dubai visa provides within 24 hrs time. This entire service cost you a seems expansive for some, however this is not all the case as compared to the value of getting visa on time in urgency.

3. Travel insurance for Dubai visa
Those entire visitors who all are visiting Dubai with their parents and anybody from them, is more then 60 years old then, they need to have travel insurance coverage for the trip. This is an essential document in order to apply for Dubai visa for them, without this insurance info visa application could result in rejection of Dubai visa. This is advisable that you arrange travel insurance is this the case with you.

4. Hi-Tech Visa- Dubai visa:
Dubai visa has online application system, which is more secure and convenient for all three parties First- the applicant feel relaxed, when they are not required to send their original documents to any visa agency. Second- Visa provider agencies are not required to maintain all original docs separately that sometime leads to dispute between client and agency due delay delivery by some courier providers available in the market. Third- Authority at the air port, don’t feel any difficulty in cross checking the visa status online as they also have access to approved visa lists per days basis, they check Visa permit number and verify the same at air port and let you in UAE.