Friday, December 14, 2012

Take full knowledge in Knowledge village of Dubai

Dubai keeps doing new innovation in the field of tourism by making new tourists spots for new travelers and always keeps pushing its system for making Dubai a great travel destination. Dubai had never shown its characteristics as a good supporter of education in the country. It always struggled to create its image as ideal educational hub; for breaking this image and start a new impression in the field of quality education Dubai took a new initiative and started making a new vision for Dubai’s new generation as educational hub in Middle East.

To make this dream come true, they have started promoting high quality education in their area, thus Knowledge village project was established in 2003.
This was started under free trade zone, and get popular as DKV (Dubai knowledge village) where their core motive is doing the promotion of Education provider organization like university, training institutes etc. In this DKV all companies are providing their consultation to colleges, university establishments, training institute opening etc. Once you visit this place you will find everything is highly dedicated to educational activities here. In short span of time it has gain remarkable appreciation.

Most of the renowned educational institutions have started their branch offices here like - Ireland, UK, Russia, Belgium, India, Canada, Pakistan and Australia.
Nearly, 450 companies are working hard to making DKV good rapport around the world and are attracting students around the globe. They are helping in developing friendly environment to gain international exposure.

Students are now looking for the best chance for their future with DKV. The time will come when this place will have the same reputation which is associated with Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard. It has become a good educational option around the world.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Food findings in Dubai’s restaurants

Once you are all set to move to Dubai with all your baggage and Dubai tourist visa, then you should have a bit knowledge of food fashion in Dubai and food findings of Dubai restaurants. As we know Dubai is now became a multicultural, 
City in Middle East, where travelers around the world are coming and exiting in all days and night and enjoying their trip in Dubai. Without food facility this could be dreamed.

You can easily find McDonald's in Dubai’s approachable locations like- Al Hassan, Al Wall Road, Dubai media city, Jumeirah beach road, Spinneys trade center road. Timings are 05:00 to 11:00 morning for breakfast.

Pizza Hut Locations in Dubai
One of the best fast food chains in restaurants and take always, Pizza hut is also available here. Pizza Hut takeaway are popular here mostly. It was recognized here as one of the starting fast food provider in Dubai. Pizza hut got immense response got popular soon.

Starbucks Locations in Dubai
 The famous coffee chain Starbucks also located here, where you can enjoy your leisure time and meet up with your friends and business contacts on casual meeting, you will find different variation in coffee, with chocolate without chocolate, black chocolate etc.

Burger King Locations in Dubai
One more band in fast food chain is Burger Kings; this chain is also providing burger delight to their customers in Dubai. Burger king is very well known for serving tasty and personalized sandwiches and burgers to their customers
You will find beef and chicken patties here are purely Halal type.

KFC Locations in Dubai
This good chain also claims to serve hundred percent Halal meat, they are considering this because of Islamic Law or Shariah. Almost all meat products that are imported, comes under Halal certification and this is done by Islamic authorities in supplying countries.