Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Should You Expect Once in Dubai?

Millions of tourists prefer to visit Dubai city for holidays as a popular destination.
Travel industry also has taken some steps to promote this place as the best holiday city in Middle East. So both tourists and tourism industry are in win- win situation and keep looking for the new options

This point is should also be noticed consciously that UAE is a Muslim country which has tradition values and they have made the law accordingly. So who so ever visits this place need to follow the rules and regulations as per the law and the general social and traditional values. Though Dubai is little liberal on general guidelines. This is advisable that all tourists should hire local guides who can help them in knowing the social norms and customs which all tourists need to follow.


Night life is amazing though, you need to take care about the timings. You will find very fantastic and theme based discos and dance floor in bars. This is very necessary that you hire a local guide to assist you in knowing the local customs and rituals that you need to take care of while roaming around in local market, this task will keep you away from any misunderstanding or confusing situation.
All Guests are allowed to take alcohol only in permitted bars, those are available in limited hotels, not in every hotel has bar facilities. After getting drunk and showing drama in public is a big offence in public interest and the person can go in jail and fined for that cause. And some time deported.

Taking photos of any strangers, and showing affection towards children is also come into unusual activities. It is better for tourists that if they like some place and want to click memorable picture with standing people around, then you should take their consent and do that. This is very important and useful for those who are traveling with their children and having problem in finding food for them, as the entire hotels have specially deigned kid’s meals. You can enjoy the baby sitting room services as well in most of the hotels.