Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dubai transportation

Once you reach to your dream destination to enjoy you’re the best holidays ever, then, you had to think about the transportation facilities in the city in advance? There are various options of transportation, and you need to choose the convenient as per time and preferences. Following are the options of transportation you will find in your way to city tour.

Dubai Metro
Metro is the symbol of modernity of any city, if any city has this facility then that is considered as modern city and doing well in all aspects. Metro tracks are easily be seen in all the way through the city in many places.            It has tow main lines which are shown in GREEG and BLUE colors and goes to different directions. Green covers Rsashidiya to City center and other one covers Dubai Airport to Jebel Ali. You will find the track out and track under the roads. One track covers 70 km area at a time.

CABS-Taxi in Dubai

Cabs are the very popular pubic transport in Dubai, I personally prefer hiring cabs for my city travel mostly. This is much cheaper and convenient way of transportation though, as compared to around the world.  Most travelers use cab then city bus services, that is mainly preferred by the local commuters. Cabs numbers are increasing days by day. Select any cab govt. or private but make sure that you hire the cab which has meter and you pay accordingly. Always keep changes in Dhs to settle the taxi bill as they always deny for having change.

Buses in Dubai

Dubai bus service also has very large network. Although this is running well but this is not enough for increasing numbers of commuters. To use this facility you need to wait a long as bus stands are overcrowded. Buses are less as compared to passengers
If you are planning on taking the bus, you could be waiting up to an hour to catch one with space for you. There are just not enough buses to fit all commuters. It's a sad situation and many commuters are extremely frustrated with it. If you are a frequent walker then go for these options as you have to find your way to destinations.

Dubai Trams

There are tow major ways for trams; one is Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina and second Mall of Emirates. You can choose any way to your city journey this is providing assistance to Metro trains by carrying 300 passengers at a time.


Dubai Abra- A Traditional transportation

The Abra is traditional way of transportation that provides you smooth and calm journey around the city. Travelers use this for fun ride and enjoy the picture of old Dubai transport methods. This is easily available at Dubai creek. There are tow station for this Abra service- one is Bastakiya, and Bani Yas station. 

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