Thursday, October 25, 2012

Visa of Dubai: First Requirement For The Visit

Visa of Dubai: Seven steps away.

To apply for the visa of Dubai is not that tough and complicated, the only thing you need to take care of is the proper methodology and what all rules shall be taken care of. As incomplete information may lead to improper documentation, which may further lead to rejection.

Firstly: Identify the purpose of your visit.

Second: Start searching for the list of countries.
-          There are certain countries where the visa is not required. Those are only gulf countries.
-          Citizens of certain countries can directly apply for on arrival visa.
-           Certain countries need to apply at least 15-20 days in advance.
-          And certain countries who are exactly not allow visiting the city.

Third: Collection of the documents required fulfilling your bracket of requirements.

Fourth: Get the application form filled up. You can get the application form by either-
-          Download it online.
-          Obtain from the travel agency or nearest embassy office.
-          Affix the recent colored passport sized photograph on it.
-          Use the blank ink for filling the form or get it printed.
-          Letter of invitation
-          Other specified documents as per you checklist.

Fifth: Once the form is complete submit the completed documents to the Application centre or scan the colored copies (if applied online) along with the cash fee deposit or credit card payment (in case of online application).

Sixth: Check the status of the visa by searching with the help of PNR number online. In case of missing or incomplete documentation the application can be rejected with the proof of rejection attached.

Seventh: Obtain the copy of your visa approved. Either on mail or can directly collects from application center.

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