Friday, October 26, 2012

Some valuable tips for your Dream travel to Dubai

 If you are planning to move to Dubai then, have your thought what do you need to bring to Dubai, during you travel? and how you can me your best plan to visit Dubai in wonderful manner? Here you can have look upon some valuable tips for your tour.
It is advisable to use a laptop or a tablet with you to know more about Dubai weather and forecast on weather to get the update. Try to plan your holidays in winter season between OCT to FEB. AVOID you travel during summers especially if you are from western countries. Temperature is very hot during these days, however if you are enjoying summer then, go ahead!
  • Always try to go through online reviews about Dubai travel. Their personal experience of budget hotel and lucrative package offerings, best time for buying, best sale deals, hunting for shopping offers in Dubai, it will help you in making your plan better.
  • If you like to be tanned then it’s OK! Other wise always keep suns scream lotion or cream ready with you while walking in local city tour in summers.
  • Make sure you have water ready always with you.
  • You should get a good guide book with you that could not be partial with you; city’s street map will help you in locating near by markets to buy stuffs for daily need.
  • Use internet and get rewarded as this will update you about new offers running in malls and retail stores, tourist spots opening and closing time maps, restaurants info, hence you can utilize your maximum time.
  • Try to avoid short dresses and keep remember that you are not freely walking on street, as you do in any western countries. Use formal and comfortable wears. Honor their dress code at public places.
  • During Ramadan month you all have some limitations; there you feel hard time for your tremendous travel in Dubai like you should not drink or smoking in public!
Its always better that you take photocopies of your personal documents and make a file separately, and keep that at your guest house or hotel, for example passport, Dubai visa, person ID, credit card, debit cards, flight tickets. This will help in making your tour more organized and save you from any trouble that your may encounter. Best of luck for your dream tour.