Thursday, October 25, 2012

General points to know before applying for a Saudi Tourist Visa.

Rules for Saudi tourist visa are very restricted, not everyone is allowed to visit the country. One requires fulfilling several formalities. Although the sponsorship with a Saudi citizen is necessary but in spite of that Saudi has stopped issuing tourist visa to all the countries.
Saudi Arabia is a religious place. Although in recent years there has been a great relaxation in the laws. Strict rules and stickiness towards their cultural values have attracted most of the people around the world to visit the country.Although Saudi Arabia is not an open place that welcome tourist. But based on certain norms Saudi tourist visa can be obtained.

It may also vary with the different cases.

Tourist Visa requirements:

Although there is no such concept of Saudi tourist visa whereas it can be issued in certain nations -
European countries, North American countries, South American countries, Japan, People’s Republic of China, Republic of China, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, South Korea and South Africa.

-          Valid passport for at least 6 months is required.
-          1 colored photograph (passport sized) white background.
-          Visa can be applied by the recognized licensed travel agents; the list can be obtained on the official website of the Saudi Ministry.
-          Application to be filled with black ink in Arabic.
-          A sponsorship letter.
-          Contact details and full passport details.

Sponsor: A Person (may be a relative, friend in tourist visa case) can fill up the application and complete the formalities required on the behalf of the applicant.

How sponsor can be contacted if we do not have any relative:

There are certain licensed travel companies who will arrange and complete the visa formalities for the group. The place of stay and the returns journey shall also be confirmed.

Guidelines for tourist:

-          Certain areas are restricted for the entry by Islamic community only.
-          The cultural values shall be respected.
-          Tourist shall be companion by the guides every time.