Thursday, October 18, 2012

For new birds in Dubai

if you are also all set to got to Dubai then you should few important things in notice like- Cultural difference can be easily understand here so you should keep reminding yourself that you are not in European country and enjoy your trip.

Dubai is ultimate destination and considered as a gold crown of UAE. This city shows no boundaries of exploration and innovation of the architects and engineers. Construction companies are keep on making the new designs for huge structures and many more. This is the place where people say NO means new options for creating new things and challenge the human and natural limitation. All credits goes to the people of UAE who has initiated the transformation of a desert land, and converted into a heaven like place on earth. And now this becomes the most desired tourist destination of the Earth. This the place where you find world’s tallest peak buildings, every month a new design of building is established by the construction companies for some thing new and advance. This place is equally popular and useful for all kind of age groups. People around the world come here and live their life’s golden moments

Climate control
Dubai has a dry climate and it puts up into Northern desert belt. Because of that in such conditions, temperatures can reach unbearable conditions in certain months, between June and September. It is generally 39 and 41 degrees Celsius. And in so cold winders it is around 23-27 degrees Celsius in December and March months. These low temperature months are considered peak season of traveling. If you book your tour during these months-June to September, then you will have most of malls, restaurants, and hotels and other internal areas are completely air conditioned.

Differences in cultures
Apart from the high temperature, it is also noticeable that your dress up conventionally once you are visiting tourist places, though some places are moderate and you can enjoy wearing what you want but those places are limited to some resort’s indoor areas not in public places. You should always remember this fact that, Dubai is not your home country and you are visiting this place as guest hence never ever showcase your affection publicly this is not at all acceptable. However no worries, you can enjoy your visit there by using your common sense after observing activities of others and will not face any problem

Impact of Islamic values on public places

Especially in the days of Ramadan, you will find some restrictions on some specific places and things, as this is a month period long fasting time. During this period bars and restaurants are not allowed to open so long. It is always better that your find out in advance that when Ramadan takes place before confirming a tour. It does not mean that you cannot enjoy your tour during Ramadan; it will not put negative impact on your tour, however this advisable that you should avoid your planning during religious festival season.

Modernization approach
In last decade Dubai has shown unlimited possibilities of wonders in the desert land and moving up on new horizons of modernization in term of infrastructures and resources. This is a perfect combination of East and West culture and they respect their boundaries and creating a new world for travelers’ community where all have one motive that is- explore and enjoy the life fullest. These above mentioned tips would help you out in making your selection for Dubai tour for your next holidays.

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