Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dubai Information Visa

About Dubai:

Dubai is a wonderful city known all over the world for its tremendous development, wealth and the off course the biggest shopping mart for jewelry and electronic lovers specially.

Visa Types:

There are the different types of visa issued depending upon the time duration you want to spend in Dubai. It could be a transit for 14 days and tourist visa for 30 days and also long stay visa for 90 days depending upon your preference and certain eligibility criteria. All visas if once issued are non extendable in any case.

Visa in advance:

Dubai is one of the country that restricts the entry of the foreign nationals and do not encourage the Visa on arrival process. Hence the applicant needs to remember this and apply well before the planning of trip. When you reach Dubai airport your passport should have the visa stamp already then only you are allowed to exit the port.

Time period required:

The time taken for visa approval is from 10-15 days, where as if you want to apply on an urgent basis we can get it processed within 3 days on your demand (additional charges are applicable).