Friday, October 26, 2012

Some valuable tips for your Dream travel to Dubai

 If you are planning to move to Dubai then, have your thought what do you need to bring to Dubai, during you travel? and how you can me your best plan to visit Dubai in wonderful manner? Here you can have look upon some valuable tips for your tour.
It is advisable to use a laptop or a tablet with you to know more about Dubai weather and forecast on weather to get the update. Try to plan your holidays in winter season between OCT to FEB. AVOID you travel during summers especially if you are from western countries. Temperature is very hot during these days, however if you are enjoying summer then, go ahead!
  • Always try to go through online reviews about Dubai travel. Their personal experience of budget hotel and lucrative package offerings, best time for buying, best sale deals, hunting for shopping offers in Dubai, it will help you in making your plan better.
  • If you like to be tanned then it’s OK! Other wise always keep suns scream lotion or cream ready with you while walking in local city tour in summers.
  • Make sure you have water ready always with you.
  • You should get a good guide book with you that could not be partial with you; city’s street map will help you in locating near by markets to buy stuffs for daily need.
  • Use internet and get rewarded as this will update you about new offers running in malls and retail stores, tourist spots opening and closing time maps, restaurants info, hence you can utilize your maximum time.
  • Try to avoid short dresses and keep remember that you are not freely walking on street, as you do in any western countries. Use formal and comfortable wears. Honor their dress code at public places.
  • During Ramadan month you all have some limitations; there you feel hard time for your tremendous travel in Dubai like you should not drink or smoking in public!
Its always better that you take photocopies of your personal documents and make a file separately, and keep that at your guest house or hotel, for example passport, Dubai visa, person ID, credit card, debit cards, flight tickets. This will help in making your tour more organized and save you from any trouble that your may encounter. Best of luck for your dream tour.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

General points to know before applying for a Saudi Tourist Visa.

Rules for Saudi tourist visa are very restricted, not everyone is allowed to visit the country. One requires fulfilling several formalities. Although the sponsorship with a Saudi citizen is necessary but in spite of that Saudi has stopped issuing tourist visa to all the countries.
Saudi Arabia is a religious place. Although in recent years there has been a great relaxation in the laws. Strict rules and stickiness towards their cultural values have attracted most of the people around the world to visit the country.Although Saudi Arabia is not an open place that welcome tourist. But based on certain norms Saudi tourist visa can be obtained.

It may also vary with the different cases.

Tourist Visa requirements:

Although there is no such concept of Saudi tourist visa whereas it can be issued in certain nations -
European countries, North American countries, South American countries, Japan, People’s Republic of China, Republic of China, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, South Korea and South Africa.

-          Valid passport for at least 6 months is required.
-          1 colored photograph (passport sized) white background.
-          Visa can be applied by the recognized licensed travel agents; the list can be obtained on the official website of the Saudi Ministry.
-          Application to be filled with black ink in Arabic.
-          A sponsorship letter.
-          Contact details and full passport details.

Sponsor: A Person (may be a relative, friend in tourist visa case) can fill up the application and complete the formalities required on the behalf of the applicant.

How sponsor can be contacted if we do not have any relative:

There are certain licensed travel companies who will arrange and complete the visa formalities for the group. The place of stay and the returns journey shall also be confirmed.

Guidelines for tourist:

-          Certain areas are restricted for the entry by Islamic community only.
-          The cultural values shall be respected.
-          Tourist shall be companion by the guides every time.

Visa of Dubai: First Requirement For The Visit

Visa of Dubai: Seven steps away.

To apply for the visa of Dubai is not that tough and complicated, the only thing you need to take care of is the proper methodology and what all rules shall be taken care of. As incomplete information may lead to improper documentation, which may further lead to rejection.

Firstly: Identify the purpose of your visit.

Second: Start searching for the list of countries.
-          There are certain countries where the visa is not required. Those are only gulf countries.
-          Citizens of certain countries can directly apply for on arrival visa.
-           Certain countries need to apply at least 15-20 days in advance.
-          And certain countries who are exactly not allow visiting the city.

Third: Collection of the documents required fulfilling your bracket of requirements.

Fourth: Get the application form filled up. You can get the application form by either-
-          Download it online.
-          Obtain from the travel agency or nearest embassy office.
-          Affix the recent colored passport sized photograph on it.
-          Use the blank ink for filling the form or get it printed.
-          Letter of invitation
-          Other specified documents as per you checklist.

Fifth: Once the form is complete submit the completed documents to the Application centre or scan the colored copies (if applied online) along with the cash fee deposit or credit card payment (in case of online application).

Sixth: Check the status of the visa by searching with the help of PNR number online. In case of missing or incomplete documentation the application can be rejected with the proof of rejection attached.

Seventh: Obtain the copy of your visa approved. Either on mail or can directly collects from application center.

Dubai visa information, terms, and must requirements for residence, tourist and visitors visas. Get every kind of information for Dubai visa and Dubai visa agency can explain every problem related to visa. Just visit a Dubai visa website and get information now.Call us ..IN +91.9414066063
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Jumeirah Beach, the full fledge tourism spot in Dubai.

Dubai is a fascinating city offering a blend of all the old and new. It is not long back that the city was in a form of a small fishing town and now it has been converted into a modern and the most exciting city and the tourist attraction of the world.

Dubai is a land of sun and sand, the hot weather and the desert area. Therefore beaches have been the best apart to fascinate the tourists as well as the local residents of the city. The missing of water bodies and the beach was also not a big problem and the great imagination and results of the hard efforts gave the birth to the worlds most beautiful artificial beaches named as Jumeirah Beach.

Among all the beaches, it is the most famous and the best beaches of Dubai. It offers all sorts of the recreational and entertainment facilities to its visitors. The blue waters of the Persian Gulf along with the white sands of the pristine beaches of Dubai make the place very attractive and bewitching. The Jumeirah Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai for a relaxing and pleasant afternoon.

The whole area of the beaches is full of the various luxurious hotels and hang outs. The famous hotel Burj Al Arab is also located on this beach side. The other attractions also include the famous Wild Wadi Watermark, a water-themed park that offers a number of rides and attracts children of all ages.

Also the most famous Jumeirah Beach Park – it is definitely worth the visit. The park which is located in an area of 12 hectares has children play areas, food kiosks, and areas for other activities. You can also find other areas such as the Barbeque Area, Games and Theater Area, and the Rocky Garden Area.

Visit the man-made island of the Palm also known as the 8th wonder of the world and is located off the Jumeirah Beach. Do not miss to visit the Mosque on the Al Road. It is the only mosque where non-Muslims are permitted to enter, and special tours are conducted to offer people a brief insight into Muslim religion, culture, and tradition.

The overall conclusions says that it is the Jumeirah Beach is the best tourist spot and comprises of the full fledge small town where you can explore the amazing sites.

 If you want to visit beaches area, desert area and wildlife area or want to spend your holidays in luxury style then Dubai is the best place to travel for you and now you can get your visa with simply steps just visit a Dubai visa website and fill online application form and send with required documents. Dubai visa agency will help you to approved your visa at very short term.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

My first trip in 2012

In a couple of days I will be on the train again. This time , to my native state, city and village. The first and statutory port of halt will be to Chennai aka Madras and then am off on a heritage trail called the Naanjil Naadu tour, to some of the temples and towns in down South in Tamil Nadu bordering Kerala. thereafter I am heading to Thirunelveli and to my dad's village, Kalladaikurichi . It has been more than 20 years since I went to my village and am hoping to make the most of it. The area is rich in eco and wildlife tourism, heritage and culture and am not sure how much time I will have to explore around. However, I am sure to make more trips down South this year. 
 Dubai visa type that we offer :
•    Dubai visa for 14 days
•    Dubai visa for 30 days
•    Dubai visa for additional 30 days
We also provide urgent Dubai visa where clients have less time left for their journey to Dubai. This service can be obtained within 24 hrs processing time by paying some extra fees.

Wonderful Dubai Business opportunities and Apply For Duabi Vsia

Dubai has now become a common hub for all industries like, Electronics, Media, manufacturing, Real estate, infrastructure and many more. Companies around the world would like to establish their one contact center in Dubai, because they know this fact that, if they don’t have a center in Dubai, then its means no existence in corporate world.

Corporate keep throwing opening parties in Abu Dhabi, Dubai etc, they keep conducting various industrial trainings for their employees and awareness programs for their existing and potential customers. Many international brands have made their presence in famous city Dubai.

If you are also looking for something good for your business than, you should move to Dubai and explore new business opportunities. Dubai is the place which is known as the most elite customer segments for all type of goods. This also known as the biggest market place for technologies innovations, people here welcome new technologies and always ready to accept new offers of mobile phones, automobiles, laptops, computers, cosmetics, etc.

For new business openings, one must have business visa, in order to do so one should apply for business visa category in embassy, where you will be asked to submit your required documents on company’s letter head. After verifying the information, one will be notified if any other documents will be required more. One should be asked to providing your sponsor’s information. One must provide the correct documents information in first instance. After verifying everything they will release visa

After getting Dubai business visa you can do multiple visits to Dubai for your as per your business requirements. They is one restriction  that you cannot exceed the limit of multiple visit provided on your visa You can easily avail Dubai visa with the help of some online visa provider consultant and they set you fee from your Business visa related issues. They will give you the best agent services.

Business visa is given for 60 days to 180 days time limitations, if this seems less for your business then you extend the visa validity.
Dubai visa Company  

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

For new birds in Dubai

if you are also all set to got to Dubai then you should few important things in notice like- Cultural difference can be easily understand here so you should keep reminding yourself that you are not in European country and enjoy your trip.

Dubai is ultimate destination and considered as a gold crown of UAE. This city shows no boundaries of exploration and innovation of the architects and engineers. Construction companies are keep on making the new designs for huge structures and many more. This is the place where people say NO means new options for creating new things and challenge the human and natural limitation. All credits goes to the people of UAE who has initiated the transformation of a desert land, and converted into a heaven like place on earth. And now this becomes the most desired tourist destination of the Earth. This the place where you find world’s tallest peak buildings, every month a new design of building is established by the construction companies for some thing new and advance. This place is equally popular and useful for all kind of age groups. People around the world come here and live their life’s golden moments

Climate control
Dubai has a dry climate and it puts up into Northern desert belt. Because of that in such conditions, temperatures can reach unbearable conditions in certain months, between June and September. It is generally 39 and 41 degrees Celsius. And in so cold winders it is around 23-27 degrees Celsius in December and March months. These low temperature months are considered peak season of traveling. If you book your tour during these months-June to September, then you will have most of malls, restaurants, and hotels and other internal areas are completely air conditioned.

Differences in cultures
Apart from the high temperature, it is also noticeable that your dress up conventionally once you are visiting tourist places, though some places are moderate and you can enjoy wearing what you want but those places are limited to some resort’s indoor areas not in public places. You should always remember this fact that, Dubai is not your home country and you are visiting this place as guest hence never ever showcase your affection publicly this is not at all acceptable. However no worries, you can enjoy your visit there by using your common sense after observing activities of others and will not face any problem

Impact of Islamic values on public places

Especially in the days of Ramadan, you will find some restrictions on some specific places and things, as this is a month period long fasting time. During this period bars and restaurants are not allowed to open so long. It is always better that your find out in advance that when Ramadan takes place before confirming a tour. It does not mean that you cannot enjoy your tour during Ramadan; it will not put negative impact on your tour, however this advisable that you should avoid your planning during religious festival season.

Modernization approach
In last decade Dubai has shown unlimited possibilities of wonders in the desert land and moving up on new horizons of modernization in term of infrastructures and resources. This is a perfect combination of East and West culture and they respect their boundaries and creating a new world for travelers’ community where all have one motive that is- explore and enjoy the life fullest. These above mentioned tips would help you out in making your selection for Dubai tour for your next holidays.

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Enjoy your stay with Dubai visa.

Dubai tours are becoming most popular tours worldwide now. All tourists must take necessary steps to take their relevant Dubai visa, and then go for this wonderful journey to Dubai.

 People around the world prefer to travel frequently in the modern time. There are some destinations in the world that got more famous and Dubai is one among those. Also is becoming hottest travel destination. Travelers around the world are exploring, this city in a new way every day.

In this regards, it has become necessary for all travels that, they carry right documents like Dubai visa. There are lots of famous and checked travel agencies in the market who had mad this as an easy task. They have made the entire process much simpler and quicker that no body feels fussy about it. This leads all tourists to make plans for their holidays and enjoy the fullest of their leisure time happily

Different kind of visas: There are different kind of visas which are necessary for travelers as per their motive of visiting Dubai. These visas should be obtained well in advance by the tourists in order to walk freely in Dubai land of wonder and make your entire experience more smooth and safe. Dubai visa is much easier to apply in comparison to other visa types available for other popular destinations of the world. This would be a great situation when you have chosen your visa type more carefully while applying for this. If you have the correct visa category then you can get the maximum benefits out of it, so you should have told your purpose of visit to Dubai well in advance to your tour organizer or visa agency.
Visa sources: The most common visa type is tourist visa, which specifies your purpose of vacations and holiday visit. This tourist visa can be obtained through an authorized agency, Emirates Airlines, licensed hotel/Resorts, tour &Travel agency etc. but you should take your step very carefully and think about some specific factors before choosing your visa provider. Always go through a popular source as they are tested and have proven inks in market.The best way, to find out the authenticity is online reviews about the visa provider and from your own personal people sources.

Your home work: Mostly tourist visa is given for 14-30 days and cannot be extended. This is valid for single entry. There is a facility for some countries, those can avail Visa on arrival. You can also ask for these countries list, before applying visa. People around the world are eligible for this visa
People should understand the difference between fake and genuine visa service providers available online, as you have taken the decision of availing Dubai tours, then you must do your home work and dig out the correct information and select reliable and the most trusted visa provider and start your application process with that. This is also very mush important that you provide your documents in well manner, as a result your will face any complexity in getting your visa approved

Always ask for the all the information and required docs in advance, so that you will not be in fault and facing the problem at last at your end. Keep traveling and keep enjoying your holidays.

Visa for Duabi ,UAE/Dubai visa over view

Dubai visa get be obtained in a very manner, it depends upon your requirements and type of intention you show in you application. It’s better to provide you’re supporting documents in prior so that you will not face any difficulty later.

If you ask me what is the best time to visit Dubai then I will say, Season as always on for traveler in Dubai thought the best time to visit this wonderful city is winter and near November to February. This period you will have lots of options about shopping, tour package, resorts happy long stays, different carnivals. You will surely get some ultimate deals on New Year eve.

Dubai is much liberal as compare to other emirates countries. Tourist from around the globe have influenced the local environment and created a friendly atmosphere for all travelers. If you all set to move in to Dubai, you should apply for Dubai visa and its is available after completing few easy steps its an electronic visa.

Visa requirements:
You need to provide your passport scan copies; it should have 6 month validity. If you are applying from UK/US then you should scan the current visa page copy also. One latest photo with light background would be good. It’s always better to check your passport validity before sending the docs.

Send supportive docs:
This has been noticed by some agencies that if you fail to show your intention for visiting Dubai then there may be some chances that you will not get visa. This is very clear that if we don’t want to create illusion for Dubai visa jury then you should provide your supportive docs like-marriage certificate, Invitation latter of your sponsoring company, your appointment letter of job. Husband or wife passport copy. These supportive docs can help you visa application one step ahead.

Travel visa to Dubai:
It is generally known as short term tourist visa and its provide for 1-14 days then you can select for 30 days visa, it depends upon the requirements. Most of the travelers apply for 14 days visa.

 Business visa to Dubai:
If you are a business person then you should apply visa under this category and this is provided for 60 days to 90 days and it’s available with multiple entry.

Transit visa:
This is available for those tourists, who all are going to a different destination via Dubai as resting place during your journey. Most of the time its provided by the airlines for 24-48-72-96 hrs. Depending upon the conditions like -weather conditions (show falls, heavy rains) time gaps between flights (5-10 hrs).

If you apply for Dubai visa well in advance this would be a win-win situation for you as it take 3-5 working days time and its do not include Friday and Saturday.
All these information may help people for making their plans of traveling to Dubai. You choose whatever visa type but you get new happening things in Dubai always. Keep checking the new events and be there for your lifetime enjoyment for your memories. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dubai Information Visa

About Dubai:

Dubai is a wonderful city known all over the world for its tremendous development, wealth and the off course the biggest shopping mart for jewelry and electronic lovers specially.

Visa Types:

There are the different types of visa issued depending upon the time duration you want to spend in Dubai. It could be a transit for 14 days and tourist visa for 30 days and also long stay visa for 90 days depending upon your preference and certain eligibility criteria. All visas if once issued are non extendable in any case.

Visa in advance:

Dubai is one of the country that restricts the entry of the foreign nationals and do not encourage the Visa on arrival process. Hence the applicant needs to remember this and apply well before the planning of trip. When you reach Dubai airport your passport should have the visa stamp already then only you are allowed to exit the port.

Time period required:

The time taken for visa approval is from 10-15 days, where as if you want to apply on an urgent basis we can get it processed within 3 days on your demand (additional charges are applicable).

Applying for all types of Dubai Visa

Now going to Dubai and UAE has become more convenient for aspiring visitors. UAE Dubai visa services have made your visit to the spectacular destination of Dubai and UAE is now in just some steps away.

We take all the hassle away and construct a smooth road for you. Our quick services within 10 days and even in 3 days in case or emergency is our unique edge in the market. From which ever country you hold the passport it won’t create a huddle, if you are resident in UK irrespective your residential status we will complete the visa formalities on your behalf and get it done for you.

We can apply for the tourist Dubai Visa or Business Dubai Visa for you.

Our core services include:

Dubai Tourist Fees Requires

Tourist visa- Single entry Service Consulate fee Handling charges and Paypal Total
14 days visa 3-4 working days £100 £39+£10 £149
30 days visa 3-4 working days £100 £49+£10 £159

Tourist visa- Single entry Service Consulate fee Handling charges and Paypal Total
14 days visa 3-4 working days $100 $59+$10 $169
30 days visa 3-4 working days $100 $80+$10 $190