Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dubai, the transformation of a small town into a beautiful metropolitan city

Few cities in the world have undergone a change as fast as Dubai. Originally established as a fishing port and then as an area of??Diving for pearl fishermen before becoming a bustling trading port, Dubai is today one of the world's metropolises whose development is faster. The city is located in the limelight at the heart of the Persian Gulf, and is now recognized as the "bridge between East and West."

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the major destinations of the 21st century. Just read any article about this city with the highest rate of growth in the region to discover the words "ambitious", "holds another record" and "amazing." This expansion lightning does not go unnoticed, and every year thousands of expatriates come forward to claim their right to participate in this evolution.

With its ultramodern buildings, it is easy to forget that Dubai United Arab Emirates was once a small town of Bedouin trader. Today, the old meets modern on the Racecourse Ned Al Sheba, there are camels on the day and the night thoroughbred. The fashion and electronic stores are as popular as the gold sock. More than 400 restaurants let you taste the ethnic diversity of Dubai. Come enjoy the beaches, golf, historic sites, nightlife and famous duty free shops in Dubai.